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What to Consider Before Adding a Furry Family Member

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What to Consider Before Adding a Furry Family Member

As we’re all obsessed with the adorable puppy pictures on Instagram and kittens in cups, it’s easy to understand why we’d want one of our own. However, whether you’re looking to teach your children about responsibility or just want a furry family member, there are a few things you should consider before making the addition.

Can you afford it?

According to the SSPCA, vaccinations, medications, litter, collars, food, checkups and grooming can add up to a bill of at least $1,000 a year. This doesn’t even include toys, a dog house, fencing for your yard and so on. Be prepared to budget out your funds, so affording a pet doesn’t overcome your finances.

Do you have the time?

Even though you’d love an animal to snuggle up with at night, you must think about the amount of time it takes to care for it. Your lunch breaks will have to be spent going home to let the dog out, you need to add time to your schedule for walks and take less vacations.

Do you have a kennel and/or dog walker on hand?

If you travel, you will have to have someone care for your pet. A kennel will be a solution for housing your pet, but this will cost you. Pricing for overnight boarding can be anywhere from $25 - $45 a night. A dog walker is also another option to take care of your pet while you’re at work, but they charge anywhere from $15 - $30 for each walk.

What breed fits you?

A large yard and house means you can easily care for a big dog, but be sure to consider your animal’s size before trying to fit a large Labrador into a 200 sq. ft. apartment. Puppies are cute and small, but they can grow to be more than you can handle. Find a docile animal to fit your child’s personality or a hyper animal if you’re looking to have a companion ready to be on the go.

How much is grooming worth?

Depending on the breed you choose, you could be looking at a hefty grooming bill. As professionals charge $50-$100 for their services, your puppy will start to add up. Taking care of your pet is important, so you can’t skimp on grooming them regularly.

Do you have an emergency fund?

Let's face it, pets have accidents too. Whether you need an emergency surgery or have to get Sparky fixed, these costs will add up. Preparing for the unexpected will help ease the financial stress that could be caused by unexpected bills.

Getting a pet is an exciting adventure - but remember all of the financial responsibility that follows. If you’re looking to add a furry member to the family, contact us today to set up a savings account for your pet’s emergency fund!