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Our Top 5 Money Management Secrets

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Our Top 5 Money Management Secrets

Figuring out how to properly manage your finances can be overwhelming when there are hundreds of dos and don’ts you may have heard. Following these five tips will make a huge difference in the way you handle your finances and can give you a clear slate of basic rules to follow. When it comes to starting good money habits, the sooner you begin, the better!

1. Have and Follow Your Budget

Setting a budget is one thing but sticking to it consistently isn’t simple. It’s easier now than ever to follow your budget with the various money management apps out there. Make a realistic, time-based budget and find an accountability partner if you need help sticking to it.

2. Always Compare Before You Buy

Before buying anything, even the small things, make sure you’re paying the best price. Is there a different grocery store nearby that has the same item? Can you find the same shoes on sale at another store? Is there a sale coming up you can wait for? Avoid making impulse purchases and look around at other cheaper options first.

3. Automatic Transfer is the Answer

If you haven’t already opened a savings account and set up automatic transfer, now is the time. Putting a certain amount away every month makes a massive difference over time, and it’s even easier when it’s automatic. This is a great way to help you or your children build healthy financial habits.

4. Track Everything You Spend

Keeping your receipts and writing everything down that you spend puts your money habits into perspective. Tracking what you spend also allows you to see exactly what you’re overspending on so you can make adjustments. One of the best things about today’s technology is how easy it is to manage your money. To better keep track of what you spend, download a budgeting or money management app.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

When you first start making money, it’s not always first nature to manage your finances wisely. Building good money habits takes time, life experiences, mistakes and lessons to learn from. Don’t let a couple mistakes throw you off course – a little financial bump won’t destroy your success. If finances are new to you, give yourself time to practice and adjust your spending habits overtime.

There’s no better time than now to make sure you’re on the right road with your money. It all starts with creating a smart plan, sticking to it and watching your money grow. Your hard work and patience will pay off in the future! For more financial assistance and to learn about the services we offer, contact Peoples Bank of Kankakee.


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