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It’s a Good Practice to Notify the Bank of Upcoming Travel

Home Blog It’s a Good Practice to Notify the Bank of Upcoming Travel
It’s a Good Practice to Notify the Bank of Upcoming Travel

It’s a nightmare scenario. You’re out for dinner while away on vacation and give the server your debit card for payment. A couple of minutes go by, and they return to let you know your card has been declined. It’s an embarrassing situation that can easily be avoided. Peoples Bank wants you to understand the importance of travel notifications so you can use your card seamlessly while away.  

Why Are Travel Notifications Helpful? 

Every purchase you make with your debit card is monitored by our fraud detection service. We are always on the lookout for abnormalities or transactions that don’t fit your typical pattern as fraud protection. When we notice your card being used in an unusual location, it will trigger an alert and potentially a freeze on your card.   

Here’s How It Works 

If we detect a suspicious transaction on your debit card, we’ll let you know immediately by text. The text will offer basic information about the transaction. If it’s your transaction, simply reply “yes” and you can carry on with your purchases. If it’s not your transaction, reply “no,” and you’ll receive a message with a number to call for further action. It’s quick, easy, and let’s you stay confident while using your Peoples Bank debit card.   

Avoid the Alerts by Submitting Travel Notifications 

You can avoid these Alert interruptions by notifying the bank in advance of your travel.  It’s a simple, straightforward process. Simply call Customer Care at 815-936-7600 to let us know your travel date and destination. You can also self-manage your travel plan notifications under “Cards” on your mobile app.   

At Peoples Bank, we want you to enjoy your travel with no hiccups. If you have questions about travel notifications, please call or stop in. We’d be happy to assist you.