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How to Create a Cleaner Earth

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How to Create a Cleaner Earth

We often get caught up in life’s busy schedule and forget to think about the effect our actions have on the planet. Once you think about and analyze your daily habits, you realize just how many small and simple changes you can make. Here are some examples of things you can implement into your routine to keep the earth clean!

Bring Your Own Bag

It’s no secret that grocery stores, shopping centers and restaurants tend to go through seemingly endless amounts of plastic bags every day. An easy way you can help reduce the use of plastic bags is by bringing your own. Lots of grocery stores sell cheap, reusable bags right at the checkout. Bringing your own bags is such an easy change to make – try it out!


We’ve learned how important it is to recycle a million times when we were little, but most individuals still never do. Keeping a recycling bin in your house makes it easy to simply throw recyclable items in a different basket. Recycling is such a basic and easy step towards keeping our planet clean, yet too many people don’t think twice about doing it.

Limit Your Paper Use

Paper is the 3rd largest industrial polluter of water, air and soil. Paper eventually rots which releases toxic materials into our environment. With today’s technology, it’s become much simpler to use computers, phones and other devices rather than paper. One great example of this is signing up for our fast, free and secure eStatements. Having paper bank account statements can really pile up, so eStatements are great for saving natural resources.

Get a Reusable Cup

Reusable cups are actually much more convenient and spill-resistant than the normal plastic or paper cups businesses provide. Doing this will limit the amount of plastic and paper waste that, for the most part, never ends up in the recycling bin after being used. Another benefit is that many places, like coffee shops, offer a discount to their customers for using a reusable cup. Make taking your drink to-go easier and reduce the trash that piles up in your car by bringing your own cup next time you make a coffee stop.

Don’t Rely on Single-Use Items

Take a day to evaluate your habits and see how many single-use items you use. You might be surprised at how much you rely on them! Even the most basic things, such plastic straws at restaurants or to-go boxes, are single-use items that harm the environment. Consider bringing your own reusable straw or containers for leftovers to make a difference.

Keeping the entire planet clean might seem like a big job, but if everyone takes these small steps, we’d make a big difference. For more information on our eStatements, visit our website or contact us.