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How to Beat the Winter Blues

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How to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s dreary and dead outside – oh and FREEZING cold! So how can we boost our mood after we’ve been dealing with this not-so-great weather for so long? Don’t worry! Peoples Bank of Kankakee has put together some of our favorite ways to beat the winter blues. Read on to see what you can do.

Be Around Others

If you are isolated in your home all winter long with no one to talk to, it’s very easy to be down in the dumps. Surrounding yourself with family, friends, coworkers, pets or anyone will help keep your spirits up with conversation and activities.

Eat Healthy

If all you are doing is loading your body with fats and carbs, you’ll easily become lethargic. It’s very important to eat lots of fruits and veggies during the winter – the freshness and antioxidants will boost your energy right away!


It’s easy to stop being active when it’s this cold outside. Make sure you keep moving – it doesn’t have to be outdoors! You can do short workouts in your home or go to a gym. You can even just spend time going up and down the stairs or playing fetch indoors with your dog down the hallway. Any type of activity will help to boost your endorphins.

Soak Up Some Sun

Yes, you can still get sun in the winter. Our mood is lifted by sunshine and light, so find ways to get more of it. There are special lights you can buy that mimic natural sunlight and can boost your mood.

Boost Your Immune System

Making sure you drink more water, moisturize your skin and sleep all night are all simple ways to help keep your body healthy and mood uplifted. You need to work on keeping your immune system strong, especially in this cold. Supercharge your immune system by building these good habits and passing them on to your family.

Get Outside

We know this probably sounds like no fun, but getting outside and enjoying a winter activity is a great way to boost your energy and mood. Go sledding with your kids or skiing with friends – anything helps scare the winter blues away.

We hope you try a few of these simple tips so you can feel happier this season. It’s also a great time to work on that new year resolution of saving more that you promised yourself. We offer simple saving solutions – check out what we have to offer!