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How Do I Teach My Kids About Online Safety?

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How Do I Teach My Kids About Online Safety?

While it may seem obvious to adults, knowing how to make safe decisions online isn’t always second nature for kids. It’s important that cybersecurity is taught before mistakes are made, and the earlier in their life it’s discussed, the better. How does a parent go about teaching online safety? Continue reading to find out. 

What to Look Out For 

All of the important cybersecurity topics to cover can seem overwhelming, but starting with the basics is key. What topics should be implemented varies depending on the child’s age, but here are some general things to make sure you cover in your online safety lessons: 

  • Stranger danger is present online, too 
  • Never share personal information 
  • Keep passwords private 
  • Double check with parents before posting, responding, downloading, etc. 

Ways to Teach 

1. Act Out Scenarios 

One of the most effective ways for your kids to understand how to handle situations is to practice a scenario. There are many aspects of cybersecurity, but the ones mentioned above are simple to demonstrate. Send them a message from a “stranger,” see how they respond, teach them how they can better handle the situation and continue practicing. Practice makes perfect! 

2. Online Safety Games 

Letting them play online games about cybersecurity is a great way to make it not feel like work. Games like this one from provide animations along with interactive quizzes at the end, perfect for children who are visual learners. 

3. Child-Friendly Videos 

There are countless Internet safety videos on YouTube made for children. Simply search “online safety for kids” in the YouTube search bar, sit down with your child and a snack and let them enjoy some more visual learning! 

4. Worksheets 

You can find many downloadable worksheets to print off as practice. Worksheet websites often have different levels depending on the age range, so you can cater the worksheet to your child’s needs. Click here for some social media safety worksheets to download right to your computer! 

With today’s technology, online dangers are seemingly inescapable. That’s why it’s crucial to start the discussion and implement cybersecurity practice into your child’s routine from a young age. For information on how to keep your financial information safe, check out our resource page online.