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Holiday Hacks for Saving Money

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Holiday Hacks for Saving Money

Shopping for the holiday season can get pretty expensive - especially with gifts for the whole family and hosting traditional holiday parties. Luckily, this holiday season we are offering you 5 top-notch money saving hacks so you save more than you spend!

  1. Be a Thrift Store Champ - When you shop at thrift stores, you can find inexpensive gifts and decorations for this holiday season. This is the perfect spot to find your ugly Christmas sweater and a wonderful resource for one-of-a-kind gifts. The items you can find here will most likely be under $10. What a bargain!
  2. Download Discount Code Apps - Honey is a chrome extension that searches and applies online discount codes so you can find all the best deals for your holiday shopping. You also never have to pay full price for a gift card as there are discount sites online such as: Gift Card Granny or Cardpool that make it fast and easy for you to save money. Stack up those online codes to get the best deals!
  3. Shop on Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Shopping the Black Friday deals might be a zoo, but in the end, the mess of people and long lines are worth it. Black Friday always offers some of the best deals at your favorite stores. If you have a large purchase to make, such as a T.V. or kitchen appliance, go shopping on Black Friday. Similarly, Cyber Monday offers great deals, but instead of going out into the madness, you can shop in the comfort of your own home. Shopping Cyber Monday will allow you to get special items at a good price without having to go anywhere. In addition to these two hacks, during the middle of December many retailers participate in Free Shipping Day. This is a one-day event where consumers are able to shop both big and small stores that offer free shipping.
  4. Utilize Your Dollar Store - At the dollar store you can find decorations, wrapping paper, and even holiday ornaments! You can also buy serving platters, dinnerware and extra kitchen utensils to make your holiday party extravagant for your guests without putting a big dent in your bank account.
  5. Participate in Secret Santa - Try something different this holiday season. Instead of buying gifts for everyone in your family, suggest the Secret Santa method! This is an easy and enjoyable gift exchange for everyone to participate in. A few weeks before Christmas, put the names of every member of the family in a hat or bucket, and have each person draw a name. They will then only have to buy a gift for that person. Not only will this help relieve some financial stress, it also serves the purpose of talking about the importance of service and giving during the holidays!

It is so easy to get all wrapped up into the spending cycle during the holidays, but hopefully with these hacks you will be able to find simple treasures and save money! If you’re looking for an extra special gift to give this holiday season, consider opening a savings account with us for your child - we’d love to be a part of the holiday spirit!