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Apps to Help You Save Big Bucks While Holiday Shopping

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Apps to Help You Save Big Bucks While Holiday Shopping

It’s no surprise that holiday shopping can often put a big dent in the wallet, especially if you go in unprepared. After you make your shopping list, it’s wise to download some trusted apps on your phone to make the most of your savings while you shop. Keep reading to find out which app to download for different reasons. 

Looking for Rewards? 

A great app for earning points and rewards is Swagbucks. You get points for using the search engine, taking online surveys and shopping at certain stores. With enough of the points earned, you can redeem a gift card to use towards future shopping trips! 

Looking for Online Deals? 

Shopkick is a great app for all of your online shopping needs. Similar to the previous app, you can earn rewards by watching videos, shopping at certain stores and more. Not only is this app great for giving you the best online deals, but you can also earn points for simply visiting a store! 

Looking for Cash Back? 

You’ve probably heard of Rakuten before as it’s a very popular and commonly used shopping portal. Rather than keeping track of points, Rakuten simply gives you a percentage cash back for eligible purchases. With over 2,500 partner stores and offers of up to 40% cash back, this is a must-have app before you go holiday shopping. 

Looking for a Browser Plugin? 

Browser plugins are extremely convenient for the frequent online shopper. Honey, for example, automatically applies coupon codes at checkout for eligible stores. Another great option is WikiBuy which is available for both Chrome and Firefox.  

Looking for Coupons? 

Say goodbye to the days of cutting coupons out of the newspaper. There’s an app for that! Ibotta, for example, is one of the most popular coupon apps out there. By completing some simple tasks and loading the offers for certain stores, you can start shopping and saving! 

This year, take your holiday shopping to the next level and make it a point to maximize your savings. With apps like the ones mentioned above, you can put extra money you saved into a savings account and continue doing so every time you shop! To open a savings account or learn more about the services we offer, visit us online at