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5 Fun Home Fitness Routines

Home Blog 5 Fun Home Fitness Routines
5 Fun Home Fitness Routines

Here’s a tip: a healthy lifestyle means a healthy bank account! Individuals who take care of their physical health typically pay less in medical bills and prescriptions for preventative health issues. The sooner you start a home fitness routine, the sooner your bank account will thank you! Here are five fun home fitness routines to consider and the financial pros and cons of each.

1. Indoor cycling is a great exercise to do from home with a stationary bike. Since the cost of a stationary bike is pretty steep, many people opt for a monthly payment plan or choose to purchase a used bike.


  • Stationary bike
  • Optional (but very useful) cycling shoes
  • Optional subscriptions for cycling workouts and classes


  • Monthly cost is typically less than or equal to a gym membership
  • Can get a full body workout with just the one piece of equipment


  • Takes up a lot of space if you have a small house or apartment

2. Free fitness apps are a very cost-effective way to work out from home. Most fitness apps, like Nike Training and FitOn, offer a free version of the app.


  • Optional equipment used by app instructors


  • No expenses
  • Easy to use on your phone


  • Don’t get access to premium features that cost money
  • Often requires space to spread out on a mat and perform exercise movements

3. Fitness app subscriptions are usually just the paid version of whatever fitness app you choose to use. They often come with extra features such as workouts and helpful fitness articles.


  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Optional equipment used by app instructors


  • Easy to use on your phone
  • Get extra workouts, recipes and tips with your plan


  • Not economical if you don’t use the premium features
  • Can sometimes limit your workout variety

4. At-home gyms are a great way to get a full body workout using a variety of equipment. Households usually utilize free weights, cardio equipment and more depending on what the space allows.


  • Additional square footage in the home  
  • Free weight set
  • Desired cardio equipment (ex: elliptical)
  • Proper gym flooring or mats


  • Only have the one-time purchase of the equipment
  • Easier to get to and use than a gym
  • Get a variety in your workouts


  • Very expensive to get started

5. Outdoor workouts such as TRX bands, trail running and biking offer exceptional options for getting some fresh air while you work out.


  • Optional equipment such as a new bike or running shoes


  • Equipment is inexpensive compared to annual gym subscriptions or heavy-duty gym equipment


  • Weather limits how much time you can spend outside in regions of the country, like Illinois, where the winters can get harsh

We hope this is helpful information to keep your body and your bank account healthy! For additional ways to keep your bank account healthy, download our mobile app or check out our website!