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Online Banking


Your online banking experience just got better. Our enhanced features will help you enjoy greater security and convenience with Peoples Bank. Enhanced features include:

Online Banking

Bill Pay


Popmoney® is a powerful new service that lets you "Pay Other People" (POP) anywhere, anytime using only their e-mail address, mobile phone number, or bank account number. So, whether you're sending a last-minute gift, sending money to your college student, or splitting the check for a special occasion dinner with friends, you can do it without writing a check or going to an ATM. Best of all, you don't need another account. You can simply use your existing Peoples Bank checking account.


* Popmoney® and External Transfers are features that require Bill Pay. Certain fees apply for e-Greetings, expedited payments, and stop payments.

** Online Banking access will be considered inactive if at any time you have not logged in within 180 days. Inactive users are purged from our Online Banking system. To obtain access to your accounts and statements online you would need to register for Online Banking again.

Quicken Users

You will need to perform a few simple steps to modify your Quicken settings. Your instructions will depend upon whether you are a Mac or Windows user.

For Mac:

QuickBooks_Mac from eCash to eBusiness

QuickBooks_Mac from eCash to Personal

Quicken Essentials Mac Personal Online Banking

For Windows:

QuickBooks Windows from eCash to Personal

Quicken Windows Personal Online Banking

QuickBooks_Windows from eCash to eBusiness