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MasterCard Account Updater Service

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This disclosure is provided by Peoples Bank of Kankakee County to all customers with MASTERCARD debit cards.

If you have provided your debit card information to merchants, subscription services, e-commerce merchants, utilities or others for the purpose of recurring payments, they keep your debit card information "on file". When you replace an expired, lost or stolen debit card, it may lead to disruption of your recurring payment services and interruptions in the products/services you receive from your merchants because they no longer have accurate debit card information.

In order to avoid these disruptions, MASTERCARD has developed a service called the MASTERCARD Account Updater Service (AUS) through which Peoples Bank of Kankakee County will provide your new debit card details to participating merchants automatically. MASTERCARD AUS enables the secure, electronic updating of your replacement debit card account information with participating merchants in a timely and efficient manner. The MASTERCARD AUS will automatically begin updating replacement debit card account information, free of charge to you, on October 1, 2017.

You may contact us at (815) 802-2825 if you have any questions about the MASTERCARD AUS.

If you would like to opt out of the MASTERCARD AUS, you may complete the below information and submit it to Peoples Bank Customer Care Department.