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Improved Online Banking

Improvements Coming Soon….......

In the next few months we will be making several improvements to our Online Banking.

Improved Online Banking Home Page and Account History Page

8/27/12 Enhancements include:

• Improved accessibility to help people with disabilities more easily navigate and interact with the pages

• Enhanced "Account Details" section on the History Page provides additional key information to users in a relevant way

• Performance enhancements to improve page load and response times


5/10/12 - Our new Online Banking Home and History pages are here! For assistance in learning about these new features, click on "Take a Tour" or "Frequency Asked Questions" links at the bottom of the new Home Page.

These new pages are designed to bring more functions to your fingertips. We have not removed any functionality. You can still click on the Account Summary or Bill Payment tabs. If fact, if you wish, you can click on the "Change start page" and change your start page back to My Accounts.


Coming May 16, 2012:

This release will feature both performance and user experience improvements to the new online banking Home and Account History pages.

Enhancements include:

  • Ability to hide or show accounts within the My Accounts widget.

  • Inclusion of financial management tools (calendar and calculator) in the new right column of the Home Page.

  • Performance enhancements to improve page load and response times.


We're building a better way for you to manage your money online.

Better visibility, better control, better decision-making.

At Peoples Bank of Kankakee County, we're always striving to improve our services for you. That's why we're redesigning your Online Banking Home page and Account History page, to give you more comprehensive access to your accounts, transactions and bill payment tools -- all in one location.

In the coming weeks, when you log in to Peoples Bank of Kankakee County Online Banking, you'll be able to:

  • Review all of your accounts, balances and recent transactions in one place
  • See a snapshot of your recent transactions with a Quick Peek function
  • Transfer funds between your Peoples Bank of Kankakee County accounts in seconds -- with the Make aTransfer button and new direct links
  • Pay bills on time with ease, with reminders and the ability to set up recurring payments
  • View transaction information on a new Account History page that's even easier to use

We're confident that you'll like how the new Home page and Account History page gives you more visibility into your accounts and more control over your finances.

Online Banking HOME Page

Online Banking Home page brings you the tools you need to manage your money quickly and easily.

In just a few clicks – or less – you can take charge of key financial tasks, including:

  • Check account balances
  • Get up-to-date balances for each of your accounts – including checking and savings accounts, loans, certificates of deposit and more – in one glance, right on the home page.
  • View transactions history
  • From the Home Page, you can access the history of an account by simply clicking on the account name.
  • You'll get a complete list of your transactions to easily track your account activity.
  • Tailor the Account History page by setting your preferred date range (10 days, 30 days, or monthly increments).
  • Transfer funds between your Peoples Bank of Kankakee County accounts
  • Click the Make a transfer button to quickly move money between accounts
  • It's a fast and easy way to
  • Add funds to checking to cover your bills.
  • Move money to savings to meet your goals.
  • Pay loans you have with Peoples Bank of Kankakee County.
  • Pay bills
  • The Make a Payment feature lets you pay almost anyone or any bill in seconds from the home page.
  • It like writing a virtual check – but faster. Simply select a payee, set the date, enter the amount and submit.
  • Plus, you can see all of your payees and payments you've already scheduled so it's easy to stay organized.

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Online Banking HISTORY Page

We're improving the way you view your transactions online by providing you more visibility and better decision-making power.

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What can you expect from the new Account History Page?

  • An easier way to switch between accounts to view all your current transactions and past transactions with a click of a button
  • A clearer way to identify deposits and withdrawals
  • The ability to see key account details
  • Easy access to transfers right from the page