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    • Kankakee Downtown Office
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Coronavirus Update

Home COVID-19

An Important Message to our Valued Customers

Important Update: August 27, 2020

Keeping our lobbies open to serve your banking needs is not only a priority but also something we are happy to do as long as we are able to do so safely. Since we ask all customers to wear a mask when entering the bank, we've added a new safety precaution. 

We have installed a video doorbell at each office that allows us to safely greet each of you prior to entering our lobbies. Plus, it give us a chance to see your smiling face, if only for a short moment! When you walk up to our front doors, you'll ring the doorbell and a staff member will greet you right away through an intercom system. Simply uncover your masked smile within view of the camera and we'll buzz you in. 

If you prefer not to wear a mask or cannot wear one for health reasons, we are happy to assist you in our drive up. 

You can also bank with us from home, or just about anywhere, by: 

  • Calling our Customer Care Team. They are standing by ready to assist you over the phone with all of your banking needs at 815-936-7600
  • Using our digital banking solutions: Online BankingMobile App, and Mobile Deposit 
  • Banking with Telebanker
  • Applying for a home purchase or refinancing with Mortgage Hero. Our dedicated lending team is also happy to help if you need loan extensions, payment deferrals or any other lending assistance. Please Contact Us.

Good News

  • Since January, we have been Kankakee County's #1 Home Loan Lender**. Thank you for putting your trust in us!  We work hard to help families purchase new homes and help customers save up to hundreds per month by refinancing their home loan.
  • Over 2,300 jobs in Kankakee County have been saved through the efforts of our commercial lenders.   They worked around the clock to process loans through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. In just a few short weeks, 151 applications were processed from local businesses with $19.8 million in funding assistance paid out.
  • On Thursday, May 21, we officially broke ground for our new branch at 198 Southcreek Drive in Manteno. You can view our Groundbreaking Video here. We continue to make great progress on our new office and look forward to our Grand Opening later this year. 

Please reach out to us anytime we can be of further assistance, and remember we are committed to you and here to service your financial needs.   

Stay healthy and safe!

Important Information: Scams During the Pandemic

During these already difficult times, scammers have put on their thinking caps and figured out ways to con people out of their money. By the time the victims realize they have been scammed, unfortunately, it is too late to recover their funds. Be alert! Be informed! Don’t become a victim to these terrible crimes. Here is some information we hope you find helpful:

  • The first stimulus checks were mailed out April 20. They will be the same as the Treasury check for a tax refund, except the memo field will state "Economic Impact Payment" on the first line and the President's name on the second line. Fictitious checks are already in circulation. To see the security features on real stimulus checks from the US Treasury click here.  
  • To find out when your Stimulus payment will arrive, check the IRS’s Economic Impact Payments page.
  • The IRS will not contact you. If you receive a call from someone claiming to work for the IRS, simply hang up. If you receive an email, do not click on any links in the message. Delete the email right away.
  • No one is being granted ‘early access’ to their Stimulus payment. If you have communication that indicates otherwise, it is a scam.
  • The IRS will never send you an overpayment then ask for a return of the excess funds.
  • The FDIC does not send unsolicited correspondence asking for money or sensitive personal information. They will never use threats or scare tactics. 
  • No government agency will demand you pay them with a gift card, wire transfer, or digital currency.
  • The FDIC will never ask you for bank account information, debit or credit card numbers, your social security number, or passwords.
  • Methods of communication from scammers include: emails, phone calls, letters, text messages, faxes, and social media sites.
  • Victims are being asked to “confirm” or “update” their financial information including bank account numbers. Once a scammer has your bank information, social security number, date of birth, or other valuable information, they are using it to commit fraud or selling it to other scammers.
  • Some victims give out sensitive information because they think they are being helped to recover losses from fraud. 
  • Another scam involves threatening you with possible lawsuits or arrests for unpaid debts such as taxes owed on prize winnings or insurance claims.
  • Finally, scammers are asking victims for money in the form of gift cards or digital currency. This scam involves sending the victim a fictitious check to deposit, but asking the victim to purchase gift cards or send a wire transfer.   Once this is done, it’s typically too late for the victim to recover their money.


**Data taken from public mortgage recordings in Kankakee County January 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020.

We are here to help so please call us at 815-936-7600 or send us an email if you have any questions or concerns.