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eCash Internet Banking

eCash Internet Banking


eCash from Peoples Bank allows you to be in control of your business financial information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in real time. eCash gives you the immediate ability to transfer funds, order cash, and make vendor payments, federal tax payments or loan payments, find out what checks have cleared and much more. With eCash, you can easily access the critical information you need to make important business decisions anytime, day or night.

eCash Features Include

  • Account Inquiry
  • Account Summary
  • Statements
  • Funds Transfer
  • Stop Payments
  • Coin and Currency
  • ACH Origination
  • Domestic Wire Transfers
  • Federal Tax Payments
  • Import/Export

For additional information regarding conducting your transactions online, click the link below:

Conducting Your Transactions Online

Electronic Funds Transfers - Your Rights and Responsibilities Disclosure

Services Offered

eCash Internet Banking can help your business in many ways.


The Inquiry feature can give you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your account activities, any time of day or night.

Account Summary

The Account Summary function provides users with an aggregated, at-a-glance summary of the balances for each of the accounts within their eCash portfolios. This gives users an immediate snapshot of the status of their accounts.


Using the Statements functions, you can generate statements for your checking, savings, and loan accounts. The system provides two types of activity statements for an account:

  • Current Statement
  • Previous Statement

Funds Transfer

The Funds Transfer function enables your business to initiate a transfer that moves money out of one Peoples Bank account and into another. Use this feature to move money between Peoples Bank deposit accounts or to make loan payments. If a funds transfer request is sent prior to nightly processing, the system transfers the funds within the same business day. This gives you the flexibility to manage your funds at times that are convenient for you.

Stop Payments

The Stop Payments function enables you to initiate a stop payment for an item in any of your eCash checking accounts. The ability to exercise this type of control gives you a sense of security with your accounts.

Coin and Currency

The Coin and Currency function enables you to order cash denominations electronically. For each coin and currency request, you can include an effective date that tells us when you want to take delivery of your order. This allows you to submit advance coin and currency requests, based on your predicted future needs.

ACH Origination

Through our eCash product, an ACH Origination option is available to make individual transfers or tax payments. ACH Origination allows for origination of high volume transfers such as direct deposit for payroll. ACH Origination also eliminates check reconciliation, reduces postage costs and ensures prompt payments.

The ACH Origination feature is convenient when making ACH debits to collect payments for your account such as rent and dues. Using the ACH debit feature improves your cash flow, provides your company with a fixed schedule of charges to customer accounts, and finely eliminates collection calls through arranged payment schedules.

Domestic and Wire Transfer

Using the Domestic and Wire Transfer functions, your business can initiate a transfer of funds from one of your corporate accounts into any account accessible through the Federal Reserve Funds Transfer System. As long as the wire transfer is transmitted before our cutoff time, the system transfers funds within the same business day.

Federal Tax

The Federal Tax function allows your business to make electronic Federal Treasury Tax payments through Peoples Bank.


The Import function enables your business to import, from your check-writing package, a file containing an account's check information. This file can then be used with the Reconciliation function to ensure proper account information reconciliation. The Export function enables your business to extract transaction history from an eCash account and export it to a file that you create. QuickBooks compatible.

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